Agile Instructional Design with SAP Enable Now

What happens when an agile thinker learns a knowledge content development  and user enablement solution tool like SAP Enable Now?

He starts to think about how agile can be content creation?

SAP Enable Now is a great tool which I was happy to use in my last projects. Very feature rich with great ideas how to create software trainings with simulation and ad-hoc training content delivery or electronic performance support system – EPSS – via a desktop and web assistant tool.

The simulation functionality allows to record an application and use the screen by screen recording for enhanced training material, e.g. create self running demos or interactive trainings.

The EPSS feature allows to present small training nuggets incl. simulation, books and more inside of the user application, e.g. if I open my Powerpoint and want to create a new presentation based on my company template, a little helper will show up on the screen with just the right information available on a mouse click. I am using Powerpoint as a sample to show that SAP Enable Now can work with non SAP applications too.

So how can we use this in a more agile thinking way?

First of all, start with what you have. Import your existing training material and EPSS enable it. One can even take a classical powerpoint with screenshots and revamp it into interactive training content.

With this you can start your new training initiative already.

Now you start with learning from experience and adapting to your needs.

Monitor what content is used by the user, enhance these content items first, make the experience better. Listen to feedback, what the user needs.

That way you are on your agile way:

  1. Look where you are and where you want to go
  2. Make a step into the hopefully right direction – if faced with multiple possibilities, select the one, which promises more flexibility
  3. Hold on and review what you have learned so far
  4. Goto 1 🙂

Doing something in an agile way is quite simple. No need for fancy big frameworks. Do – Learn – Adapt :).

You are missing SCRUM in this post? This is the heartbeat of SCRUM. The heartbeat of agile methods. In its core in action. Isn’t it?