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Eventually, I start with a deeper look into Agile. I participated in too many projects over my career, saw so many methodologies, frameworks, and techniques. Now it is time to SCRUM.

When did I start with Agile?


Unbelievable, right? My first project was a development project for the German Army hospitals. The project was about to re-write an existing software from single-user to a multi-user environment. I started in this project as a trainer, coach, project manager on the customer side.

Soon it became clear, that the software company who was going to re-write the software, did not really understood a multi-user environment. So I jumped in as a developer. As I was too good (nice to write that :), I eventually took over the whole project. Now I was sitting there with 6 developers, and had to re-write everything.

The problem? I am not a planning guy. I do not like to do plans. So I selected a less planning more doing approach. For that I realized, I need thinking developers, not coders. There was one type of developer, I name them coder, to whom you gave a task to do, and they did that to the letter. Once everything was finished you inspected the result. On its own working, but not working in the process of the whole system.

I realized those coders never looked left or right. They were trained to do exactly what told, not to think.

I had no use for such folks.

I focused to find developers, who used their brain, looked left and right. Changed even the requirements when it was necessary, as the goal was to have a running software in the shortest amount of time.

With them it was fun to work. We challenged each other, came to new conclusions, and finished the work in the shortest amount of time.

If I look at the Scrum Guide, I feel at home: Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional. Self-organizing teams choose how best to accomplish their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team. 

On this blog I will write my ideas and finding about SCRUM. Stay tuned.

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